Deadspin HOF Nominee: "Lemme Know"

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Most people don't remember it now, but our own AJ Daulerio actually covered Super Bowl XL in Detroit. He didn't do a bad job — we'll never forget when he lost his rental car — but it was early in Deadspin's history, and AJ was still feeling his way around. By the time he arrived in Miami for last year's Super Bowl, he was ready to rock. And boy, did he ever rock.


We knew AJ was ready to stir some shit up down there, but until that picture of him and Sean Salisbury showed up in our mailbox, we had no idea how far he was willing to go. Next thing we knew, he was BLEEDING ORANGE AND GREEN, being eyed by Trey Wingo and, of course, making friends with Stuart Scott. It was a virtuoso performance ... and half the good stuff never even made it to the site. It was an epic, bravura week ... and Lemme Know remains the sordid highlight.

We're actually just using "Lemme Know" as shorthand; this nomination should stand for the whole Super Bowl trip. To keep in mind, when you vote.

But is it a Hall of Famer? Seventy five percent is the threshold for induction. Vote below: Polls will be open until next Monday morning.


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