Deadspin HOF Nominee: "Run You Stupid F—-ing Dinosaur! Run!"

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It began with a discussion of scoreboard races, one of our favorite little games we played earlier this year. Essentially, we asked readers to send us the wacky scoreboard races of their hometown teams, and you guys absolutely came through. We like to think we have the most definitive reference guide to Jumbotron races on this here Internets, and if the world ended tomorrow, well, at least we'd have that.


But this particular in-joke began with a story from trusted commenter Jen P.

At my local Pioneer League park, we have a kid from the audience race "Oggie," the terrifying green dinosaur mascot. The kid runs all the way around the bases while Oggie just has to get from third to home. But he farts around, waving to the crowd and stuff, so the kid always passes him at the last second to win. What's great is how worked up people will get about this, and they don't get that the kid is supposed to win. Once, a guy a few rows in front of me stood up and screamed, "RUN! YOU STUPID FUCKING DINOSAUR! RUN!!!!" This is in Utah, where you don't hear words stronger than "heck" in public, even at the ballpark. The whole crowd went dead silent, except for me and my husband, who were laughing our asses off.

And a catchphrase, one of our personal favorites, was born. It's surprisingly malleable, consistently funny and involves a grown man screaming obscenities at a furry dinosaur mascot to defeat a child in a race. What's not to love?

But is he a Hall of Famer? Remember, 75 percent is the threshold. Vote below: Polls will be open until 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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