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On the backchannels, Daulerio has charged us with launching a Deadspin I-Team investigation into the veracity of some suspiciously bottom-heavy photographs of the "Panamanian Cricket Team."

(That's rendered in quotes because for all we know about the sport, the roster of every actual South American team is composed entirely of strippers paid to prance around a stadium in spandex pants while spanking each other with cricket bats. Also, a guy in a bee costume is probably involved.) A close study of the various photos posted on Nah Right does reveal some suspicious shadows around the players' badonkular regions, as if some Photoshopping prankster was trying a little too hard to convince us that these are naturally occurring posteriors. But in the end, we're the trusting sort, and have faith that these are nothing more than the work of a dedicated Panamanian fan who just wanted to document the majesty of his favorite game for a worldwide community of like-minded self-abusers.


BK Cyph - Ode To Panamanian Cricket [Nah Right]

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