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There's a photo of Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean making the rounds on Twitter and HFBoards, and the hockey community is split on its legitimacy. (The awesomeness community is unanimous on its awesomeness.) Unusually for something like this, there's no backstory for the photo or even consensus on where it originated. We're completely at a loss.

So that's where you come in, I-Teamers. With your eyes and ears and technical skills, we're certain you can help us determine if this photo is real, and if so, what the hell is going on. The way we see it, there are two options. Either Ron MacLean took his shirt off, drank half his beer, and started shredding the air guitar, or someone took the time to photoshop Ron MacLean doing it. Either way, we know who we want to party with.


Please send all shirtless Ron MacLean leads to the tips line. Rock.

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