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Deadspin I-Team: Which Reporter Asked For Tim Tebow's Autograph? (UPDATE: Chickster Exoneration Edition)

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Fox Sports's Alex Marves tweeted this morning that two members of the Cincinnati media had asked for—and received—Tim Tebow's autograph after last night's Bengals-Broncos preseason tilt. Who are the unprofessional sycophants causing such a media uproar/circle jerk?


Tebow's NFL debut was bound to lead to some heavy breathing on the part of certain media folk who are oddly invested in Tim Tebow becoming a successful NFL QB, but this is preposterous. PFT's report on the incident says that Broncos PR kicked out the autograph seekers—described as a photographer and a reporter—but only after Tebow had obliged the request.

So who in the Cincinnati media might stoop to this level of silliness in the presence of the Mighty Tebow? Chick Ludwick is the Bengals blogger for the Cincinnati Enquirer. He's a sportswriting vet—12 years at the Dayton Daily News—but admits in a post with his reactions to the game:

Prior to the draft, when all the experts were down on Florida QB Tim Tebow, I praised him to the point where I encouraged the Bengals to draft him. After his 7-yard scramble for a TD on the Broncos' final offensive play of the game, I'd say "The Chickster is vindicated!"


We're not accusing The Chickster of anything (yet!); we're merely pointing out the fanboy gushing Tebow can aspire in even the steeliest of journalism veterans. If someone like The Chickster is swooning over a 7-yard scramble in a preseason game, well, the culprit could be anyone. We turn to you, I-Team: Who is the reporter who groveled before the Quarterback of Quarterbacks? Go!

UPDATE: The Enquirer's Bengals reporter Joe Reedy has this to say concerning his colleague Chick Ludwig:

So, the Chickster is off the hook. Widen those nets, people.

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