Deadspin, Ranked

Crocs, my signature social media footwear
Crocs, my signature social media footwear

Today is my last day as your social media person here at good ol’ Deadspin dot com. I truly cannot think of any better way to say goodbye to this site than by ranking everything I’ve enjoyed about it, including my colleagues and you, the readers.


So, here are the who’s who of Deadspin, ranked:

  1. Me
  2. Me, again, for good measure
  3. The collective pets of Deadspin (i.e. Wanda, Clyde, Benson, Bruce, Albert’s 10,000 dogs, Mercy, Detective, Curtis, Carter, Zoey, Hunter, Moo, Katharine Graham, Lilly, etc.)
  4. The Mikes and Davids on Deadspin’s Facebook who would yell at me about clickbait captions
  5. Megan Greenwell
  6. Jorge, who provided me with these GIFs I never knew I needed
  7. Followers on Deadspin’s Instagram
  8. IT, for constantly unlocking my computer
  9. Getting hit by a bus, car, train, bike, Revel
  10. Barry, Samer, Tom, Diana, Billy, Drew, David, Dan, Albert, Dom (my forever presenting partner at the Deadspin Awards), the one and only Dave McKenna, Kelsey, Giri, Luis, Patrick, Lauren, Chris, Laura, Gabe, Kiran, Anders, and last but not least, Jon Eiseman.

Thank you, Deadspin, it has been an absolute pleasure.