Deadspin SHOTY Tournament: Chris Berman Vs. Farney

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All right, after some wild voting irregularities yesterday — remember: The Deadspin way is not to raise too much issue with people cheering on their favorites in a poll on a silly blog — we have what we'd think would be a blowout today. But you never know: Someday a No. 16 WILL beat a No. 1. Probably not today, though.

By the way, voting for the first round will close the day after the final first-round matchup, in case you were wondering. So there's still time to vote if you haven't already.


But first, today's apparent mismatch: It's No. 1 seed Chris Berman taking on Farney, the imaginary friend of Cincinnati Reds utilityman Ryan Freel.

Let's go to the videotape!

No. 1 Seed: Chris Berman
2006 Highlights
Changed the way you thought about pickup lines.
United Tony Kornheiser, Keith Olbermann, TRL, prime-time NBC programs and an awesome teenager who's "stupid, just stupid."
Spawned the first piece of Deadspin clothing.


No. 16 Seed: Farney
2006 Highlights
Advised his "friend" Ryan Freel to throw himself into walls.

So, go vote: Who advances to the Elite Eight?


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