Last November, two Deadspinners went to L.A. to work on the pilot for the now-canceled Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. They had very different experiences.

Drew Magary: "One morning later in the week, as he passed by my desk, Norm held up a printout of my packet and said, 'Hey, this is pretty funny,' which much made my week. I'm sure he was high on Pepto when he said it, and that he was mistaking me for Cunningham or perhaps a lamp. But still." READ »


A.J. Daulerio: "This was technically a paid vacation from Deadspin, during which I had to sit in a room and write jokes all week for a comedian I worshipped, but my misery was so intense that I spent most of my first day trolling Orbitz looking for an earlier flight home. By the end of the first day this is what I'd produced as a possible working bit on the show: 'WORKING IDEA: TK FANTASY LEAGUE.'" READ »