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Dean Wormer Would Be Horrified

I suppose if one attends a conservative Christian school such as John Brown University in Arkansas, where students are required to sign a pledge that prohibits profanity, pornography, extramarital sex, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and even dancing, then activities like this are sure to be the result. Talk about your repressed social tendencies. Welcome to the Golden Eagles basketball home opener, which features one of the weirdest traditions in college sports; the annual Toilet Paper Toss. John Brown fans celebrate the first home field goal of every season by showering Murray Sells Gymnasium with toilet paper, a tradition that dates to the early 1980s. Even though the Golden Eagles are always assessed a technical foul on the occasion, no one seems to mind. Here's some pretty amazing video from last season's opener. Watch as the refs seem genuinely surprised at the TP fusillade, even though every fan can clearly be seen poised to hurl a roll. It is a point of pride with the university that the TP Game was recently named by USA Today as one of the top fan traditions in college basketball; a bigger selling point no doubt than the university's most famous graduate, Wally Moon. Anyway, be sure to arrive early for this season's TP Game, as the Golden Eagles play host to Oklahoma's Hillsdale Freewill Baptist at 7 p.m. If you want to get really crazy, bring two-ply. They Don't Squeeze The Charmin At John Brown University [Arkansas Business]


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