Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

NBA teams run all kinds of fun in-game promotions—free tacos if we score 100 points! Free pizza if we hit 15 threes!—but the best ones are those that allow for meta-contests between the fans and opposing players.

This is what happened on Saturday night during the Clippers-Wolves game, which featured a promotion that would grant the home fans free ice cream if a Clippers player missed two consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter. As you might imagine, the crowd got very excited when career 42-percent free throw shooter DeAndre Jordan came to the line near the end of the game and missed his first freebie.


You can read Jordan’s lips after he hit the second shot, and it’s pretty clear that he is shouting, “No fucking ice cream, goddammit!” at the home crowd. He even ended his postgame interview with some additional gloating:

In my opinion, all sports contests should afford athletes the ability to deny the opposing crowd a delicious treat. Great players shine when the stakes are highest.

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