It sure was nice of fans to come greet the San Lorenzo soccer team at the airport and cheer them up after a tough loss. Oh, wait—that's an angry mob waiting to kill them.

This Argentine squad arrived at their home airport after a rough 2-0 defeat to a Mexican team that knocked them out of a major international tournament, a loss so crushing that their manager resigned after the game. It was such a tough road environment that fans at the game in Mexico were chanting death threats at the San Lorenzo players—their own fans. So you can imagine how the homecoming reception went.

The team arrived to angry shouts and jeers, but managed to make it to the team bus at the airport ... when their police escort mysteriously disappeared. That's how the shoe throwing usually starts. If any of these guys know a Scott Boras-like agent who can get them traded out of town, I would call that guy like ... right now.

San Lorenzo Warmly Welcomed Home with Violent Anger [Dirty Tackle]