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Degenerate Gambler Charged With Making Racist Death Threats To Dozens Of Athletes

Photo: Matt Rourke (AP)

Addison Choi, a 23-year-old ex-college-soccer player from Fullerton, Calif., was charged today in Massachusetts federal court on one count of transmitting a threat to injure a person, after he sent death threats to at least 45 professional and college athletes between July and December 2017. According to MassLive, he has agreed to plead guilty, and he faces a recommended sentence of 21 to 27 months in prison.

Choi, who went to college at Babson in Wellesley, Mass. and played on the school’s varsity soccer team, was a degenerate gambler who bet on several different sports in leagues both American and international. When his losses piled up, the court documents say, he borrowed money from friends and family to gamble more. When he lost, he’d rage out, and he’d post some truly heinous threats with burner Instagram accounts that targeted the athletes he had bet on—and, on some occasions, those players’ loved ones. The court docs don’t name any of the specific athletes, but they do give several examples of Choi’s alleged abuse. Here’s one:


(There’s a note in the document that clarifies Choi did not actually censor the n-word himself.)

Choi wasn’t especially creative, and there’s not a lot of variation in the other examples. He was, however, persistent. The documents say that Choi’s accounts were repeatedly shut down by Instagram, but he got around the bans by continually creating new accounts, which were linked to newly created Gmail accounts. It’s not clear if, after 2017, he stopped gambling, stopped threatening athletes, or simply stopped being detected. But Choi’s lesson is a clear warning to any other assholes who feel entitled to wins: Keep the athlete shit talk light and impersonal. When in doubt, be like Jennifer.

Read the court docs embedded below:

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