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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Deion Sanders, On Players Out With Concussions: "Half These Guys Are Trying To Make Some Money"

Deion Sanders, concussion truther. Though the commissioner of of the NFL went on Face the Nation today to deny that his league ever covered up the dangers of football and its potential to induce brain damage—because at this point, denying the dangers themselves is impossible—Deion Sanders isn't convinced that some of these so-called "football players" aren't pretending to be concussed, for profit.


Sanders says that the game is safe, and that "the equipment is better"—than it used to be, presumably, though evidence suggests it will never be good enough. (That's real talk.)

Since that moment on the air, Sanders has responded to only one person who questioned him on Twitter:

Think, sheeple. Only the latest and perhaps not even the strangest recent conspiracy theory involving Deion Sanders.

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