Deion Sanders Says His Ex-Wife's $200 Million Lawsuit Is "Like Suing A Homeless Dude For A Burger And Some Fries"

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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Deion would love to know where Pilar thinks he has $200 million lying around.

Deion Sanders joined Ben and Skin on ESPN Radio in Dallas to discuss the rumors he's being sued for $200 million, the notion he has $200 million lying around, on if he saw this coming, how he expected this to spill over into the media, why the sum is $200 million, how long he expects the ordeal to list, his daughter defending him publicly, and the lawsuit being separate from the divorce settlement.


On the rumors he's being sued for $200 million:
"Where they going to get that money from? Where they going to get that money from? That's like me suing a homeless dude for a burger and some fries."

On the notion that he has $200 million lying around:
"I'd have four schools built right now, at least. Just when you think they can't get any more ignorant. Let me tell you what's going to be next. Me and - what's the little dude's name? - Mini-Me are going to be sleeping together. Or he's going to be my adopted son or something like that. That's next. It's horrendous, but it's to distort my focus man."


On if he saw this coming:
"Yeah. You've gotta understand, I don't know if you guys know Steve Harvey? Same attorney. Emmitt Smith - Emmitt was the first one to call me and say, ‘this guy's the worst, he's a leach, he's a sleaze bucket, he's unethical, he's everything you want to think of, not respected by his peers.' I mean he's the worst. And what he does is sucks up attorney fees from these women that are hurt, and he just uses them and then throws them away at the end. And that's usually how it goes down, and they end up suing him."

And how it's expected that a divorce like this would spill over into the media:
"It is expected, man. It is expected. There's nothing they've done that we didn't expect."

On why it's a $200-million suit:
"Because you wouldn't be talking about it if it wasn't such an absurd number. And you don't even know him. I mean, and they're making allegations about me. I'd never met the dude - I met him yesterday for the first time, in court. I heard he threw a birthday party for himself and his kids didn't show up. It's just very unfortunate, man, especially because my kids can read. But it's not gonna stop my focus. I'm determined, I'm focused, I know where I'm headed."

On how long he expects this ordeal to last:
"I have no idea. The only time you hear from us in the media is when we're defending ourselves and defending my character. Because my character and my name is the way I make money and the way I support my kids and my youth in the schools. So that's the only time we comment. You know what's the funny thing about it? We have a gag order. How can you have a gag order and everything's out? What kind of gag order is this?"


On his daughter's involvement:
"She's suing my daughter, and my aunt. I think the dogs are (getting sued) too."

On what he said to his daughter when she defended him publicly on Twitter:
"She don't have to. Daddy's OK baby. People have been shooting at daddy since I was 18 years old going to Florida State. So God has always protected me and helped me up, so you don't have to do that. But I understand she loves her father - but (there's) a way to do things and a way not to do things and I don't use the media as a platform to fight my battles. I speak up for myself, God fights my battles. And I'm fine. But I respect her for it. I really do, and I love her for it. I hate that she's named in a frivolous lawsuit. Thing about these lawsuits in Texas which I love: when you lose them, you gotta pay both sides. I love it. Oh, I love it.


On the lawsuit being separate from the divorce settlement:
"The settlement is a prenuptial agreement. And it's so tight its loose. My God it's tight."

On why he is supposedly being attacked:
"Because I've got it going on like this. I'm blessing people, I'm provoking change. I'm making a difference, I'm right where I want to be. I'm happy, I'm elated. I had my own Oscars Sunday night, and I won. So I'm fine."


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