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Deion Sanders Says "No Snitching"

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There are all kinds of reasons to be annoyed by Deion Sanders. Here's a more damning one: He asked a woman whose daughter was allegedly raped not to file a police report.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Loretta Sheppard testified yesterday that Sanders told her to "hold off on doing anything" after her daughter accused Arlington pastor Terry Hornbuckle of raping her. Hornbuckle is on trial for three separate sexual assaults and has also been accused of tampering with a witness and possession of methamphetamine.

Sanders, according to lawyers, "counseled Defendant as a Christian and fellow pastor, and for no other reason." This all came up because the woman's daughter delayed filing charges; her mother is using Deion's pleas as the reason.


Hammer was not available for comment.

Woman: Deion Sanders Discouraged Rape Report [Dallas Morning News]

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