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Delaware Blue Hen Gets Stabby, Arrested

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The University of Delaware's top wide receiver was arrested for a stabbing, except he was the stabbee. Except maybe he wasn't. Unless he was the stabber. It's complicated. Let's go down the rabbit hole.

The Blue Hens' best returning player might not be returning so quickly, after he was charged with filing a false police report. Mark Duncan was admitted to the hospital with a stab wound on May 30, and said he had been attacked while playing basketball. A fine story, and we all could have left it at that and gone on with our lives.

Until he changed his story and said he'd been stabbed by someone he knew, but refused to give up the name.


A few days later, the story changed again: now he'd been out walking, minding his own business, when four men jumped him.

Newark (Del.) police issued a warrant this week "after determining that he'd switched his story too many times," which teaches us all that three is the magic number if you want to avoid perjuring yourself.

Still left unclear: who stabbed Mark Duncan? Did he do it himself, possibly as a way to avoid having to live in Delaware for another year? Or perhaps, as Sports by Brooks points out, he took being called one of UDel's "top weapons" in a preseason preview far too literally?

Robert Stack is on the case.

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