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Delmon Young Accused Of Choking Valet Attendant, Threatening To Slap Cop While Not Wearing Pants

Illustration for article titled Delmon Young Accused Of Choking Valet Attendant, Threatening To Slap Cop While Not Wearing Pants

MLB player Delmon Young, who last played for the Orioles in 2015, allegedly fought with a valet attendant and called him a “Latin piece of shit” Sunday night in Miami, according to a Miami PD report.


The victim, who works at Viceroy Miami, claimed that Young choked him after being informed that he couldn’t use the elevator to Club 50, because the club was closed. Young allegedly called him a “stupid Cuban,” attacked him, and fled. From the police report:

Upon my arrival, I met with [victim] who stated that at approximately 2120 hrs. this date, the defendant grabbed him by the neck. [Victim] stated that the defendant had approached him and told him to open the access door to the elevator of Club 50. [Victim] advised the defendant that the elevator was closed since the club was closed. The defendant became irate and told him, “Stupid Cuban. Open the fucking door. I’m here. Now what?” [Victim] repeated that the door can not [sic] be opened. The defendant then walked away and returned moments later. He confronted [victim] again and told him to open the door again. [Victim] again told him he could not open the door and the defendant responded, “I’m gonna fucking kill you you Latin piece of shit.” The defendant then reached over the valet podium where [victim] was standing and grabbed him around his neck with both hands. [Victim] stated that he continued to strangle him for approximately 5 to 6 seconds before [victim] was able to peel the defendant’s fingers from his neck. The defendant then fled the area towards the rear tower where he resides. Hotel security staff was able to provide the condominium which the defendant resides.


When police showed up at Young’s condo, he was “naked from his waist down.” He was still in a foul mood when police asked him to put on some pants:

I knocked on the door and the defendant responded naked from his waist down. I asked the defendant to clothe himself and provide identification. The defendant was unsteady on his feet and spoke with slurred speech. [...] The defendant is known to hotel security and was identified by [victim] on scene as the subject who choked him. While on scene the defendant was belligerent. He stated to me, “I’ll slap you in the face with money you fucking Cuban.”

Young was arrested and charged with battery. The report can be found below.


Photo: AP

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