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Delmon Young ... Still A Dick

For those who might have missed it, Delmon Young, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays phenom who winged his bat at an umpire in April, has finished up his 50- (actually 49-)game suspension. Has he come back all contrite and humbled? Not exactly, says Rays Index in a recap of an interview Young gave

Young was asked how difficult the suspension was for him. Young does not even answer. He just shakes his head and rolls his hand as if to indicate to move on to the next question. He's asked if he learned anything from the suspension. Young responds by saying "That's the same question" and again rolls his hand to indicate to move on to the next question. ...

Later on, Young was asked about his relationship with the manager and coaches, and Young responds that he "keeps his distance" from the coaches. He also indicates that he has not spoken to the manager or coaches since the incident because he doesn't need to "socialize on past events." At the end of the interview, [the interviewer] thanks Delmon for sitting down with him, and, best we can tell, Young does not respond at all, except to take off his mic and walk away. [The interviewer] then can be seen looking towards his producers with a shrug of his shoulders and a very telling look on his face, that seems to display a bit of anger or annoyance. According to reports, Young's attitude was much the same when he met with reporters on the field. He snapped at several reporters for asking questions they shouldn't ask and even for brushing his leg with a microphone chord.


We don't mean to imply that maybe there's just something going on with the Young family, but ... boom bitch!


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