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Delonte West won't be making the trip with his teammates (he's on the Dallas Mavericks now) to visit President Obama at the White House, as is customary for all championship teams these days. Background checks are now required and West apparently flunked his thanks to weapons charges from 2009. Apparently this harsh reality triggered something in Delonte (who suffers from bipolar disorder) and he went on a since-deleted twitter rant.

Since this is the internet, things that get deleted don't really get deleted and thanks to some tipsters we, and various other outlets, have the tweets available for your reading pleasure.


As you can see, Delonte is aggravated with the insinuation that he is not remorseful for his prior transgressions or that he is a wasteful or careless individual. He feels persecuted by the media going so far as to take a few shots at Brian ("Wienhorst") Windhorst and even suggests he can't find a decent apartment in Dallas because of his widely-publicized issues.

The weird part is that in the actual article written about the trip to the White House, West comes across pretty calm and actually says what we all know to be the truth about weapons-related incidents. "That's what happens when you make bad decisions in your life. You can't go to the White House.'' And then, something snapped. West has since gone to Twitter to apologize and clarify but we're pretty sure he'll get a chance to do it in front of tape recorders, too.


h/t to a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous for the screen caps

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