Delonte West's Mating Rituals Not All That Effective

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You might remember, about a year ago, when Celtics guard Delonte West told Page 2 what he loves about ladies on Valentine's Day. A highlight:

"We ain't popping no Kris, that's $500 a bottle. It ain't that serious. It ain't going to get you drunk. Make sure you put that in there. We ain't doing a $500 bottle, we're doing a $99 wine and dine."

There was much more. Well, his courting rituals might not have worked out so well: His girlfriend just beat him up.

The mayhem began after the Green lost to the Golden State Warriors at the TD Banknorth Garden when Caryn Taylor, 31, got into an argument with West's sister, Danielle. Taylor, who had a "few cocktails" at the game, "pushed" Danielle West during the dispute, according to a police report. The group hit downtown hotspot District after the game where Delonte West confronted Taylor about the fight with his sister.

"During this conversation West stated that Taylor became argumentative and put her hands around his throat in a choking manner," the report states. When West, his sister and some friends returned to the apartment around 2:30 a.m., Taylor was there and she started yelling at him, reportedly calling him a "(expletive) bastard." West told cops that she went upstairs to the bathroom, slammed the door and started smashing glass. West, 23, went into the bathroom and found her covered in blood and jabbing at her wrists with shards of glass. Taylor bit West on the hand as he tried to stop her from slashing herself, the report states. Taylor told police she wasn't trying to kill herself but was cutting herself to show West she wasn't "(expletive) around" about their relationship.


You know, it's almost like wining and dining a lady with the $99 bottle of champagne doesn't work!

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