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Delonte West's Theoretical Portis Moment

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We have known that Delonte West has had a "diary" on the Celtics' official site for a while, and we have heard that he has said crazy stuff on there from time to time. But today someone finally sent us an official quote from it, and it's too much not to quote exactly to you, even though someone (hell, probably Simmons) probably already has.

I want to win a championship ring. The day I get that ring, I am going to hang it on a shoelace and tie it around my neck. Then I m going to get a pair of the sunglasses that Dwayne Wayne wore in the show "A Different World" and visit every state in the country on a moped wearing nothing but the ring, those sunglasses and a pair of Chuck Taylors with the inscription "What Would Jesus Do?" written on the sides. I m serious!


Yeah, pretty easy to say when you play for the Celtics.

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