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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Dennis Miller Explains It All ... On Versus!

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So Dennis Miller has a new show, which shouldn't surprise anyone; the scraggly bearded one tends to sample the dial these days like Lasorda at a wedding buffet. But you'll be happy to note that this time he's found a classy home: Versus! Nestled between Ultimate Cage Fighting and Pheasant Hunting, get ready for Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller, which will aim to be kind of a Daily Show for sports, only without all that annoying laughter. From Variety:

The one-hour show will focus on the latest developments from the wide world of sports. Skein is slated to air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET starting Nov. 6. Miller skein promises to be a signature series for Versus (formerly Outdoor Life Network), which is now available in 74 million homes and airs a heavy dose of live sporting events, such as NHL and college football games. Show reps another expansion beyond reality skeins for Smith's A. Smith & Co., which also produces the new Fox skein "Kitchen Nightmares."


Despite being somewhat behind in my Hollywood lingo ("skein?"), I have to say that I'm eagerly awaiting the show's debut and will assuredly be watching; perhaps even in person. Like those grizzled diehards you see in the stands at Busch or Shea with their faded game jerseys, worn caps and radio headphones, I never miss a Miller opener. I've seen them all: From his first Saturday Night Live through the syndicated talk show on CBS, to the weekly HBO show, Monday Night Football, the CNBC talk show, the syndicated conservative radio talk show (which Miss Marple couldn't find if you spotted her the first three call letters) and even the gala premeire of the movie Joe Dirt.

I was even there for Dennis' debut at golf, covering the American Century Celebrity Golf Championships at Lake Tahoe in 2004. After a blistering last place finish, his celebrity golf career ended in similar fashion to most of the above; with cancellation. Hey, like Hollywood, Tahoe is a tough town.


If I seem a little harsh on Miller, I guess it's because I feel that he's in a sense betrayed us. He shoehorned his way into our consciousness in the 1980s as the iconoclast, the outsider, the wry pseudo-intellectual who trusted nobody, himself included. But the business has gradually beaten him down until all that's left is that old guy who lives behind you and refuses to return all the balls that have gone over his fence. A real low was his stint in the MNF booth; a job to which he was obviously ill-suited (some of those old football similes, as waves in space, are just now confusing other planets). Will this latest foray into sports be any different?

Segs will include Miller's rant, a "Weekend Update"-style review of the week's headlines and interviews with newsmakers. "I'll call 'em as I see 'em, and hopefully, I'll see 'em better than the home plate ump in the San Diego Padres-Colorado Rockies tiebreaker game," Miller said.

Oh God. Well, the bottom line is that this had better not interfere with Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets. Here me, Miller?

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