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Dennis Rodman Accused Of Randomly Slapping Guest At His 58th Birthday Party

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Dennis Rodman’s travel schedule can seem pretty hectic these days. Two weeks ago he was in Newport Beach, California, moseying nonchalantly around a yoga studio while several associates crammed un-purchased merchandise into handbags and reduced a huge amethyst geode crystal to a fine powder. Ten days later Rodman was apparently in south Florida, celebrating his 58th birthday at a rooftop bar in Delray Beach. That’s where he allegedly slapped the hell out of “a fellow partier.”

Per a South Florida Sun-Sentinel report, Rodman is accused of randomly turning on an acquaintance named Jeff Soulouque mid-party and just slapping him right across the face, causing swelling and a corneal abrasion:

“I was like, ‘What is your problem?’” Soulouque told the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Thursday. “It was out of nowhere. He just hit me and I was blindsided and he started charging me.”


Soulouque said he had met Rodman several times previously because Soulouque, a business developer, is friends with one of Rodman’s managers. Soulouque said he was talking to someone who was standing behind Rodman when Rodman turned around and hit him.


Rodman, via his attorney, reportedly denied “that any incident occurred,” and insisted that he was “sober and never alone during the party.” A witness named David Lee Roth—who is neither the David Lee Roth nor our own David Roth—reportedly backed up Soulouque’s version of events, telling police he watched Rodman smack Soulouque twice with no apparent provocation.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident, although the officer who took the report “said he did not notice any swelling two days after the incident,” and Rodman has not been arrested or charged in the incident.

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