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Dennis Rodman's Female Troubles Baffle His Agent

Dennis Rodman hasn't really ever led the type of life that would make people think he's got himself together, got it all figured out, or not a self-absorbed buffoon. As entertaining as he was on the court (and off of it, sometimes) there's always been a twisted, darker part of his life that always surfaced. Most often, when he's drinking. Most often, when he's in a bad relationship.

Rodman was arrested last night on "suspicion of domestic violence" after an altercation he had with a woman at an hotel in Century City. The woman had a bruise on her arm and police said that, during their investigation, they found out Rodman hit her. Right now, he's out on $50,000 bail, waiting for this whole mess to sort itself out.


What's even more disturbing than the crime may be Rodman's agent, Steve Simon, who actually had this to say after the whole ordeal:

"The legal process will sort itself out.I'm kind of waiting for the facts to unfold because it's really uncharacteristic for him."


Really. Really?

It appears Steve Simon might be even more delusional than Dennis Rodman.

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