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Denver Broncos Fans Petition Team To Make An "It Gets Better" Video

The It Gets Better campaign, Dan Savage's brainchild, is a response to a seeming uptick in teenage suicide due to bullying directed at the LGBT community. You have seen the videos—they've been around for a while and the message is pretty straight forward: Don't get too down, it gets better.


Well, a fan of the Denver Broncos, Andy Szekeres, has started one of those online petitions to get his team to join the movement and take the lead for all of Colorado's sports franchises. The choice of the Broncos seems odd, maybe even calculated, until you remember the other major sports franchise in the city.

Nevertheless, we all know the new face of the Broncos. He's a fresh, clean, dedicated, team player and by just about every account, an all around really good guy. He's got that electric smile that lights up the room and sparkles on camera. He's also one of the most popular guys in the country right now so his voice would really, really help spread the word. He's even got a bit of experience in being prejudiced and bullied, too. He's been told he's no good so many times, one would think he would have given up by now. But he hasn't given up. He weathers the storm, carrying on and turning the other check as he goes, often crediting his friends, family and teammates for their support. Who better, then, to let those struggling with their own personal crises know that it does in fact get better?

I am sure they would 'ppreciate that.

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