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Derek Anderson Leaves Browns For Free Agency, Signs With Browns

I'm picturing the scene from Meet The Parents where a dejected Ben Stiller stands in an empty terminal and must wait his turn to board the airplane, thanks to the by-the-book airline employee who has yet to call his row. "Please step aside, sir."

Maybe Derek Anderson was advised not to sign anything until he became a free agent; ergo, he rejected the Cleveland Browns' contract, and it became a story. Once midnight finally struck, Anderson looked at the offer and became overcome with emotion. "Oh, wow, a multi-year deal!" And that was the next story.


See folks, ESPN's on top of this story, from beginning to end. And you thought they were just conflicting headlines on their front page, which were seen in unison this morning perhaps as early as 10:45 a.m. when twoeightnine pointed it out to me, and as late as 11:25 a.m. Sheesh, give them a little credit, people.

Report: Anderson Gets Multiyear Deal From Browns [ESPN]

Aside: After I typed this up, I soon realized I was wearing a fleece emblazoned with the ESPN logo. While I'm not too worried, I am beginning to feel some tingling in my chest area. Probably just temporary.

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