Derek Jeter Groupie Gossip That We Desperately Want To Believe

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There's an engrossing Reddit thread asking users to share their best groupie stories. Most are about rock stars, but a handful concern athletes. Like everything on Reddit, you should believe nothing. But some of these, especially an amazing Derek Jeter story, you'll want to believe.

My friend's cousin dated Derek Jeter for a while and had keys to his apartment. According to the story she entered one day to find him butt ass naked on his couch watching highlights of himself and bumping his chest with his fist saying "YEAH JEETS, YEAH JEETS".

It's total hearsay, and for entertainment purposes only, but still wonderful. A reply to that tale claims to back the story up:

I actually kinda believe this. Only because one of my friends claims he knew a girl that went back to Derek Jeter's place one night and proceeded to go down on him. As she performed, Jeter put his hand on her head and said "Yeah Jeets, yeah Jeets," as she kept going. I believe it was a soft "yeah Jeets" as opposed to a screaming bumping "YEAH JEETS." But it's close enough. I never knew if it was true, but if someone unrelated has another "Yeah Jeets" story, it is gaining some validity to me.


Here are some of the other athlete stories from the thread.

Obligatory "not me," but I have a female friend who met and hooked up with a very well-known baseball player a few years ago. In the morning, he was gone when she woke up, but his assistant or someone gave her this gift bag full of expensive shit (like an iPod, designer sunglasses, etc.) and some high-end gift cards on her way out of his place, along with a note that said "thanks for a great night" or something along those lines. She said he was a perfect gentleman. Apparently, from what I've heard, this is a pretty regular thing. All his one-night stands get a goody bag.

edit: whoa...inbox explosion. I'm not going to say who it was, but I will say that surprisingly enough, apparently, the dude who drilled my friend was not Derek Jeter. I mean, I'm not the biggest Jeter fan (Sox fan here), but autographed pictures after sex? Really? Sounds kinda douche-y. Anyway.... I should also add that she thought the "parting gifts" were a little creepy and weird. She says she didn't keep them, but gave them as gifts to family/friends. He was completely down-to-Earth/charming/gentleman-like during the whole evening beforehand, of course, making the awkward morning-after routine a little unexpected.

[F]rom what I heard when [Jaromir Jagr] first moved to Pittsburgh he flied his mom out to live with him to transition better. The funny part is that after spending the night at the Jagr house his mom would make the girls breakfast and then drive them home.

I'm a Clemson soccer commit so I went up there to for my official visit when they played FSU and was at a party trying to get lucky with a girl waaayyyy out of my league but she kept getting texted by Tahj Boyd asking for her to come over to the hotel (apparently the team goes out of town so they don't go out and party before big games) but she never answered Tahj's booty call. so the next day at the airport I saw Tahj dropping off a different (much uglier girl that just had a big ass and decent tits). I talked with him a little and he said that he was just trying to, "tear up some pussy before the big game" . Don't know if that counts as groupie but that's the closest thing I got.

I used to hang out A LOT at this club in Milwaukee that Ryan Braun of the Brewers was part owner. I even met him myself there and snapped a cute photo with him. I heard numerous and entertaining after party stories about him that he would have at his place after the club. He would invite back the club workers and a bunch of random hot girls.

The best story I heard was my friend's sister and her friend went back to his place for one of these after parties. He asked the two if they wanted a tour of his place. They both said yes. So he pointed to my friend's sister and said, "You first." So he proceeded to give her a tour and the final stop was his bedroom. She stood in front of some big windows in his room and said, "Wow, this is a great view you've got of the city." And then proceeded to turn around to look at him. What she saw was him unbuckling his belt while he said, "So are we gonna do this or not?" She replied with, "'re excused." And walked out.


And one that's not a groupie story, but passes the smell test better than anything else in the thread:

This story is a lot different than most of them in this thread but it's interesting. I knew someone in high school that had a friend who responded to one of Chad Johnson (OchoCinco) tweets about needing a ride home (somewhat sarcastic because he could pay for a cab) from a local Cincinnati restaurant. He was notorious for this, always tweeting stuff like "hey y'all, I'll be at the Kenwood BW3s for the next couple hours if anyone wants to come and hang out". Apparently he always had fun with it and was super nice to everyone. He would often pay the entire tab for food and drinks of everyone that came to hang out with him. Well this guy I knew responded to his tweet and said he'd be there to pick him up in a little. The guy went, found Chad and picked him up. Chad took a liking to the kid, because he asked if he wanted to go over and hang at his bachelor pad (kinda weird if you ask me because the kid was like 17 and Chad was like 27). So they go back to his house and just hang out and play video games and such. Chad liked him so much he began inviting him over on the regular and would even buy him tickets to Bengals games and stuff. Even flew him out to LA one time to hang out for a weekend. It sounds to me like Chad was just a really lonely guy and wanted to have a close friend. In chads defense, the kid was really chill; very funny guy and super mature for his age so it's not as weird I guess.