Deron Williams Will Re-Sign With The Brooklyn Nets For $100 Million

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Happy Fourth of July, Nets fans! Looks like that Joe Johnson trade earlier today actually was the start of something good. Word just came down via Deron Williams' Twitter account that he's decided to re-up with the team. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports it's for five years and $100 million. Even if Dwight Howard doesn't come north to Brooklyn, the Nets are prepared to win a few games in their first season out of Jersey.

And while maybe the Williams deal wasn't completely unexpected, it did provide a little humor. A whole 12 minutes after Williams tweeted his decision, and eight minutes after Wojnarowski followed that up with the $100 million figure, ESPN's Chris Broussard tweeted that his he had a source (yes?) who confirmed to him (yes? YES?) that Williams was staying in Brooklyn, because God forbid he acknowledge the reporting of a competitor or even Williams himself. Let's see what this kind of jackassery looks like in real-time.


Now that's journalism, folks.