Derrick Williams Does It Three Ways

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With Ohio State having what seems to be an off year, Joe Paterno's Penn State squad has a legit chance to bring a Big Ten Championship to Happy Valley. Wide Receiver and kick returner extraordinaire Derrick Williams scored a touchdown rushing, receiving, and on a punt return against the Illini — something no player has ever done while playing under JoePa. Or in other words, the past nine decades. Williams finished with 241 all-purpose yards, highlights below.

What? No Glory to JoePa? Or is the god you're referring to simply JoePa? That's acceptable. LQ highlight of the kick return can be seen here. You know you played alright when Paterno gives you props, "This is the first time he's really had a chance to break out. Derrick's been in tough games and made big plays. ... He's a heck of an athlete." With half the top 10 losing this week, Penn State should catapult into single digits with their 5-0 record. People like to rip on the Big Ten, but PSU's schedule over the next four weeks is pretty rough with games at Purdue, at Wisconsin, Michigan at Beaver Stadium, and at Ohio State. At this point, it's pretty clear that a whiteout is more effective than a blackout. Although black is supposed to be more slimming for those Georgia coeds' hips. So there's that. There Is Joy in the Valley, as Penn State Stops Illinois [NYTimes]