Deshaun Watson Totally Biffs Final Play, Texans Lose To Titans

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In a very special Sunday presentation of Thursday Night Football, the Titans beat the Texans 20-17 in a game that saw Blaine Gabbert throw for 117 yards and have the third-highest passer rating on his own team.

Houston could have, should have had one more shot at it, as they had the ball near midfield with 16 seconds left and no timeouts remaining. That’s when Deshaun Watson had a play to forget. Watson used each and every one of those 16 seconds, scrambling, waiting, scrambling, twice nearly getting taken down by the Titans’ one-man rush, crossing the line of scrimmage, and then finally completing a pass to DeAndre Hopkins as far from the sidelines as was geometrically possible, as time expired.


As of right now the official box score has that final play as a completion, though if anyone cared enough to review it, it’d be an illegal forward pass. It feels safe to guess that Watson would like that entire play back.