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DeShawn Stevenson Doesn't Care About His Money

From time to time, you'll hear about a ridiculous bet that NBA players make during practice... something like putting a couple grand on a halfcourt shooting contest. And I always think, "Man I'd love to watch something like that."

What if I told you that at a Wizards practice yesterday, Gilbert Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson had a contest where Gilbert shot 100 one-handed college three-pointers vs. DeShawn Stevenson shooting 100 two-handed NBA three-pointers... and they bet $20,000 on it. Would that pique your interest? Might that be something you wanted to watch?


Well, with many thanks to the exceptional D.C. Sports Bog... here you go, complete with Gilbert's taunting, flopping, and poor attempt at backspinning:

Gil vs. DeShawn [DC Sports Bog]
Gil vs. DeShawn, the Video [DC Sports Bog]

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