Despots, Serial Killers, And Dick Jokes: Football Manager's Banned Names

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From the sheer number of funny names assigned to the randomly generated players in Football Manager, you may have assumed there is no filter on name combinations. And while you may have seen a "Willy Pinas" or two, you haven't seen a "Adolf Hitler," "Tim McVeigh," or a "Dick Licka" for a good reason.

That's because the game—at least in this year's iteration—prevents certain combinations from occurring. They mostly weed out the world's great killers, be they dictators with a genocidal bent (Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe), murderers with high body counts (Ted Bundy, Richard Ramírez, Fred West), and names with more juvenile connotations (Dick Leake, Mike Hunt, Dick Fest).

Here's the list of all of the blocked names, from here:

  1. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Bashar" "al-Assad"
  2. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Hafez" "al-Assad"
  3. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Idi" "Amin"
  4. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Osama" "bin laden"
  5. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Martin" "Bormann"
  6. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Mohammed" "Bouyeri"
  7. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ian" "Brady"
  8. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Iain" "Brady"
  9. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Anders" "Breivik"
  10. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Martin" "Bryant"
  11. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Woo" "Bum-Kon"
  12. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ted" "Bundy"
  13. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fidel" "Castro"
  14. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Nicolae" "Ceausescu"
  15. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Hugo" "Chavez"
  16. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Hugo" "Chávez"
  17. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Anwar" "Congo"
  18. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Oliver" "Cromwell"
  19. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Oli" "Cromwell"
  20. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Campo Elias" "Delgado"
  21. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Adolf" "Eichmann"
  22. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Facey"
  23. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Facey"
  24. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Feeley"
  25. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Feeley"
  26. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Feely"
  27. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Feely"
  28. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Fest"
  29. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Fest"
  30. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Flick"
  31. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Flick"
  32. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Pim" "Fortuijn"
  33. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Francisco" "Franco"
  34. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Muammar" "Gaddafi"
  35. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Joseph" "Goebbels"
  36. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Baruch" "Goldstein"
  37. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Hermann" "Göring"
  38. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ernesto" "Guevara"
  39. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Thomas" "Hamilton"
  40. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Eric" "Harris"
  41. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Rolfe" "Harris"
  42. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Rolf" "Harris"
  43. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Head"
  44. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Willy" "Head"
  45. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Reinhardt" "Heidrich"
  46. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Reinhart" "Heidrich"
  47. "BLOCKED_NAME" "George" "Hennard"
  48. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Rudolf" "Hess"
  49. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Rudolph" "Hess"
  50. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Adolf" "Hitler"
  51. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Hole"
  52. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Hole"
  53. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Saddam" "Hossain"
  54. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Mike" "Hunt"
  55. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ian" "Huntley"
  56. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Iain" "Huntley"
  57. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Saddam" "Husain"
  58. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Udai" "Husain"
  59. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Saddam" "Hussain"
  60. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Udai" "Hussain"
  61. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Saddam" "Hussein"
  62. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Udai" "Hussein"
  63. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ahmed" "Ibragimov"
  64. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Hugh" "Janus"
  65. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Kim" "Jong"
  66. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Stalin" "Josef"
  67. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Stalin" "Joseph"
  68. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ted" "Kaczynski"
  69. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ernst" "Kaltenbrunner"
  70. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Wayne" "Kerr"
  71. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ali" "Kha"
  72. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Yahya" "Khan"
  73. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Wayne" "King"
  74. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dylan" "Klebold"
  75. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Otto" "Koch"
  76. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Leak"
  77. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Leak"
  78. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Leake"
  79. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Leake"
  80. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Vladimir" "Lenin"
  81. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Licka"
  82. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Licka"
  83. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Peter" "Lundin"
  84. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Charles" "Manson"
  85. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Charlie" "Manson"
  86. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Tim" "McVeigh"
  87. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Timothy" "McVeigh"
  88. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Slobodan" "Milosevic"
  89. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Robert" "Mugabe"
  90. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Yoweri" "Museveni"
  91. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Benito" "Mussolini"
  92. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Toi" "Mutsuo"
  93. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Augusto" "Pinochet"
  94. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Pol" "Pot"
  95. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Vladimir" "Putin"
  96. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Richard" "Ramirez"
  97. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Ilich" "Ramirez Sanchez"
  98. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Lee" "Rigby"
  99. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Jimmy" "Savil"
  100. "BLOCKED_NAME" "James" "Savil"
  101. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Jim" "Savil"
  102. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Jimmy" "Savile"
  103. "BLOCKED_NAME" "James" "Savile"
  104. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Jim" "Savile"
  105. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Jimmy" "Saville"
  106. "BLOCKED_NAME" "James" "Saville"
  107. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Jim" "Saville"
  108. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Cho" "Seing-hui"
  109. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Thaksin" "Shinawatra"
  110. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Harold" "Shipman"
  111. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Than" "Shwe"
  112. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Joseph" "Stalin"
  113. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Josef" "Stalin"
  114. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Kim" " Sung"
  115. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Peter" "Sutcliffe"
  116. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Swallow"
  117. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Michael" "Swango"
  118. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Dick" "Tongue"
  119. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fanny" "Tongue"
  120. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Rafael" "Trujillo"
  121. "BLOCKED_NAME" "William" "Unek"
  122. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Volkert" "van der Graaf"
  123. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Theo" "van Gogh"
  124. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Fred" "West"
  125. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Frederic" "West"
  126. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Frederick" "West"
  127. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Mao" "Zedong"
  128. "BLOCKED_NAME" "Adi" "Zulkadry"

For the names you don't recognize, you might want to consult Wikipedia. Or not, as they're mostly bummers.


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