Two games after getting rid of the The GM Who Shall Not Be Named, Detroit found itself on the verge of its first and possibly only win of the season against the Minnesota Vikings. The defense had kept the opposition under thirty for the first time all season and backup QB "Dandy" Dan Orlovsky had been an "adequate game manager" all day long. Then ... you know ... a few moments later it was all over and they were 0-5. That's bad, right?You see, as a lifelong Lions fan, I've spent almost as much time rooting "against" them as I have for them. In the grand tradition of futile self-delusion, some fans believe the only way to effect change is for the team to hit rock bottom. However, we've been doing it so much lately, that when the change finally did arrive we almost forget that we were supposed to start rooting for them again. How are you even supposed to feel after a loss like that? Outraged at the officials? The winning team had 12 points. It had been so long since the quarterback had touched a live game ball that he forgot that you can't take a 11-yard drop when the ball is on your own goal line. "Adequate game manager" is what amounts to high praise around here. Just keep losing, trade Roy Williams, and just keep stock piling those No. 1 draft picks and we'll keep sorta caring. At this point, it's more amusing than tragic.

My dad was 9 when the Lions won their last NFL Championship. About eight or nine years ago, he gave up on football. He literally gave up. Doesn't care anymore. Sometimes you have to admire that level of conviction. • Vikings Beat Lions 12-10 Thanks to Refs, Last-Minute Field Goal [Pride of Detroit] • Kitna should be the QB, period — one period [Freep] • Dan Orlovsky Stars in - Dumbest QB Ever!! [Lions Gab] • Cursed Still?, Credibility and Quality of NFL Officiating is a Eminent Concern [Detroit Lions Blog]