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Detroit Wants You To Burn Stuff In Honor Of Student-Athletes

This is the logo for 2009 Final Four in Detroit: It's a tire that's on fire. Flaming tires! Billy Packer! What's not to love?

The explanation for the logo is ... a bit confused.

"You know, I have no idea [what the logo means]," said (Bill) Ryan, the executive director of the Detroit Local Organizing Committee, " ... so I will tell you that it means we're one of the hottest sports towns in the country."


Can you imagine what kind of nightmare fuel Detroit would come up with if it hosted the Olympics? For that matter ... wouldn't it kind of rule if Detroit hosted the Olympics? They've had the Super Bowl and the Final Four ... why not? International incidents are fun.

(Yes, yes, we know, Detroit's getting better. Let us have our cheap, tired jokes. It's Friday.)

The 2009 Final Four Logo Has Been Unveiled [The Wayne Fontes Experience]

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