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College rivalries are always better when the players seem to be into it just as much as the fans are. The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is no exception, and Wolverines linebacker Devin Bush Jr. fucking hates MSU—or he does now, at least.

The junior team captain was on the field at Spartan Stadium for some early pregame warmups when the home team began its traditional march across the field—10 minutes behind schedule, apparently. Bush didn’t seem to care about the players headed his way so the Spartans marched right through him, leading to a slight altercation.


The linebacker was still heated after the whole situation passed, and Michigan personnel had to restrain him from doing anything else. But the staffers tasked with keeping him from escalating things weren’t able to hold Bush down for long as he sprinted over to the Spartan logo at mid-field and dragged his feet through it.

Thankfully for those who hold things like a painted logo on a football field in such high regard, the grounds crew has since patched things up. But the damage needed to add another spark to this already-heated rivalry has already been done. Forget the bemoaning broadcasters, this sort of animosity makes rivalry games a hundred times better and needs to happen a lot more often.

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