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Dhani Jones Has Happy Feet That Can't Be Beat

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We have been called a "chronicler of athlete misdeeds," though we think we're a little more optimistic than that; we prefer "chronicle of athlete malfeasance." Or even "athlete tomfoolery." Whichever; pick your poison.

So it turns out that Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones was arrested over the weekend. Well, sigh, we thought when we first saw the "Dhani Jones Arrested" headline; guess we better get so some chronicling. But this is the happy kind of arrest; Dhani Jones just can't stop dancing.


Jones was arrested in South Beach — of course — for refusing to quit dancing in the middle of a street he was blocking. That's it; that's what he did. Let us tell you something, coppers; dancing is not a crime. To borrow Philadelphia Will Do's joke, don't let Rev. Shaw Moore keep you from cutting. Everybody cut, everybody cut ... everybody FOOTLOOSE!

Let's Hear It For The Boy [Philadelphia Will Do]

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