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Dick Vitale, Not Surprisingly, Can't Figure Out His Phone

It is perhaps not surprising that MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Dick Vitale would have trouble using basic cellular technology, but it is surprising that Vitale might actually say something off-camera that could be construed as "controversial." Or, for that matter, that he would say anything; we always assumed they just pushed a button on the back of his neck once the camera light came on.

Anyway, Vitale was doing a radio interview yesterday and was talking to someone in the room and forgot he was on the air. He ends up trashing Joakim Noah a bit and telling some off-record Billy Donovan info that we doubt the intense Florida coach would particularly enjoy.


The best thing is that this happens twice; we imagine Vitale just trying to figure out where the "SEND TELEGRAM" button on his phone is. For some big fun, you can hear the audio here and here.

Dickie Vitale Reveals Billy Dononvan Comments.....Oops and Oh Shit [Loser With Socks]

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