Dick Vitale shared quite the tale during the Carrier Classic this past Friday. As we all know, President Obama—noted basketball enthusiast—was present for the game which allowed for some down time discussion points.

Segueing from Jay Bilas' observation that basketball is a family affair for the Obama's, Dickie V. told the viewers "I put up 'Who's the best coach out there in college sports today.' Most people on twitter came back obviously with coach K. I got a tweet. President Obama. Said I disagree with you, I'm biased. A guy down in Oregon State is the best. That's a true story."


Well, it is certainly a story that happened. Unfortunately for Vitale, it is not necessarily "true." Some industrious tweeter is the author of a phony Barack Obama twitter account, with the name @candidateobama. His bio reads "Don't be fooled by the Barack that you got. I'm still Barry from the block." He is, presumably, the President of the United States of America taking time out of his day—as President of the United States of America—to tweet a grown man best known for yelling nonsensical things about diapers. So, you know, it's understandable Dick thought it was legit.


Here's a screen cap of the exchange. Obviously the account is a fake, but it was a good a story, Dick. I'll give you that.