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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Some jobs in the world have to be considered a labor of hate; it's a ton of work, it drives you crazy, it's miserable ... but it's existence makes the world a better place.


That's probably the best way to describe the project Card Chronicle put together last night: They compiled a list of teams and people that Dick Vitale mentioned during his "broadcast" of the Connecticut-Louisville game that had nothing to do with either Connecticut or Louisville. The final tally? 156. Some highlights:

1. Duke
2. Mike Krzyzewski
3. Duke (1986)
25. Indianapolis Colts
30. Maria Sharapova
45. Frank Sinatra
55. His grandson Hunter
56. His grandson Jake
71. Norby Williamson
72. Bo Derek
79. Rosie O'Donnell
98. Tony Bennett
111. Jim Valvano
127. Mike & Mike
148. Awesome Baby (race horse)


And you know what? We bet this is in the low range.

For The Record [Card Chronicle]

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