Dicky Lyons Jr, Or A Vision In A Dream

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AJ linked to the story of Dicky Lyons' dream in yesterday afternoon's Blogdome, but these words really deserve their own post. During SEC Media Day Kentucky wide receiver Dicky Lyons Jr. decided to liven things up by taking the media on an intimate tour of his subconscious.

"I’ve been having these creepy dreams about [my fiancé] leaving me. ‘Cosmo’ says it’s natural to have these dreams. But I’ve been having these dreams that she’s leaving me, and this other dream the other night, I went out, and I’m following her, right, because I’m having suspicions. “So then I find her at this bar, and I go up to her and I’m trying to talk to her. I said, ‘What are you doing?’ And she’s like, ‘I just don’t want to marry you.’ I’m trying to shake her, and slap her out of it, and I’m like, 'Focus!' And I slap her, and then I turn around, and Matt Stafford punches me in the nose. Matt Stafford goes, 'You don’t hit women.' And then all of a sudden their backup quarterback who is now at Delta State, Blake (Barnes), he comes hitting me and then I’m like fighting off all these quarterbacks, (Brian) Hoyer from Michigan State, all the guys who I was at with the Manning camp started jumping in. I did pretty well because I was biting them, I was twisting their arms, I knew all these Army Ranger tricks in my dream. I mean, it was just crazy. I was laughing about it. I texted [Stafford] and said, ‘I’m dreaming about you.’” Lyons added that Stafford never responded. “I don’t know if he likes me that much,” Lyons said.

Oh come on Dicky, how could anybody not like you? You're very special, but Matt Stafford? He's a gentleman and a scholar athlete. The Sporting News via The Sporting Blog