Above, freshman cornerback Donaldven Manning (wearing #30)—who was nearly kicked off the team as recently as November after racking up two misdemeanors and three minor traffic charges since arriving in Blacksburg last January—shit-talking Rutgers during the Russell Athletic Bowl by, it looks like, miming machine gun fire at an opposing player. He could be miming a semi-automatic slingshot, but other than that, it's tough to figure what else he might have intended, and the official that intervenes is obviously not pleased.

Worth noting: Virginia Tech's own very recent history with mass shootings, and the decal Manning and the rest of the Hokies were wearing on the backs of their helmets to honor Sandy Hook victims. If anyone asks, go with the semi-automatic slingshot thing.


More offensive than the machine gun motion? Virginia Tech gained three yards on 32 rushing attempts and won.