Did ESPN Photoshop Dwight Gooden's Mug Shot On To A Suit?

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Doc Gooden called into the Scott Van Pelt radio show today, but since it is also simulcast on ESPN2, they needed a suitable head shot to show viewers. Or failing that, a police mugshot with a suit painted over it.

An eagle-eyed reader noticed a shocking resemblence between this Gooden headshot and his mugshot from a 2005 arrest. The only difference appears to be that they don't typically loan you a suit down at the station house:

A few minutes ago on the Scott Van Pelt show they interviewed Dwight Gooden and when they showed the photo icon on the screen they used his mugshot with a suit pasted over it, not sure if you're able to get a screen shot of it but the mugshot they used was the one on the far right below. It was pretty funny ...


So the question is, whose necktied body now bears Dwight Gooden's head? Also: why is Dwight Gooden's mug shot so darn flattering? I have pictures of me actually wearing a suit that didn't turn out that nice. I guess I'm just not getting arrested in the right places.

[Thanks to Darin in Fort Lauderdale]