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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Did Fox Soccer Studio Hosts Go Too Far In Mocking This Obese Fan? [UPDATE: Rob Stone Apologizes]

Rob Stone's addition to the Fox Soccer studio team a year ago has livened up what was previously a very proper and Continental panel of experts; when he's alongside Eric Wynalda the cable net that is the United States' soccer home can now feature entire conversations in "American."


Sometimes this isn't great, though, and a reader made sure to note they felt offended when this bit of commentary about a morbidly obese Sunderland supporter came across the air before the yesterday's match against Sunderland at Carrow Road. There's nothing too offensive here, other than that the hosts thought their junior-high grade fat jokes were in any way amusing. Did they go too far? Speak your mind below.

Update (7:32 p.m.): Host Rob Stone has apologized on Twitter for the remarks he called "insensitive":