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Did Michigan's President Deliver A Drunken Halftime Speech Yesterday?

This would seem to be University of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman delivering a speech during halftime of yesterday's Wolverines game against Nebraska. She sounds HAMMERED.

We hope that's the case, because usually in these instances it turns out the slurred speech is the result of a stroke or other medical emergency. But Coleman's not just slurring her words; she's doing the other typical drunk asshole things like shouting out the ends of sentences and repeating what she just said. We can't blame her, really; to put up with four quarters of watching that putrid UM offense we'd get wasted too.


Were you in attendance? Have anything to add? Email us.

Update (Nov. 11, 9:02 a.m.): Coleman claims she was thrown off by the reverberation. As noted in replies below, though, she's spoken in large stadiums (including the Big House) many times before without issue.


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