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Did Ohio State Get What They Needed Out Of Indiana?

This will be an interesting task for the playoff selection committee.

Ohio State, sitting at 6th in the playoff rankings, got their win today, but probably not the kind of win that will help their playoff cause. The committee has, thus far, shown a tendency to penalize wins that don't wow. Florida State has fallen to third on the back of messy wins against middling teams, and TCU fell out from fourth to fifth last week after beating sadsack Kansas 34-30.


Indiana, perhaps, is Ohio State's Kansas. The scoreboard doesn't tell quite as grim a tale — 42-27 was the final — but Ohio State trailed late in the third quarter to an Indiana team that's now 3-8. They did step on the gas in the fourth, but most of the game was fairly even.

It's not what you're looking for when you need to change peoples' minds and you don't have a lot of great wins to point to. TCU is going to be upset if the Buckeyes don't fall a spot or two.

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