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Did Tony Romo Forget How To Count To Four?

Watching the Dallas Cowboys run the same failed play two times in a row probably confused a lot of their fans, but it might have been their quarterback who was confused about how many downs he had left.

Fox's Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate is showing off footage this morning that could be interpreted to show Tony Romo believing that he had one more down remaining after Champ Bailey knocked away his final pass attempt in the end zone on Sunday. As the Broncos and their fans celebrate, Romo waves at his lineman as if to get them back to line of scrimmage for one more play. Then he appears to look at the refs while holding up three fingers, until he is forced to admit the dark truth that hides within his soul—the last play was not, in fact, third down. That's when the expletives start to fly.


It's possible that Romo had forgotten that he spiked the ball on second down to stop the clock. Hey, it happens! Or another theory (mine) is that someone on the Dallas sideline may have confused him by trying to send in another play. (He's not acting with a lot of urgency, because he probably knows that he's wrong.) None of the Cowboys have spoken up yet, so it's still a bit of a mystery. Much like the Cowboys red zone strategy.

Meanwhile, another blogger simply wants a retroactive pass interference call on Bailey, but unfortunately, he is operating under the mistaken impression that people might actually feel sorry for the Cowboys.

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