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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Did We Check The Birdbath? No? Then We Must Go Back There

Illustration for article titled Did We Check The Birdbath? No? Then We Must Go Back There

Last night on NFL Live, ESPN seemed to really drive home the point that federal authorities scoured Michael Vick's property a second time, looking for evidence pertaining to that dogfighting investigation. In fact they brought in five — FIVE — humanoids with microphones to discuss it: on-the-scene reporter Kelly Naqi, in-house analyst Floyd Reese, Chris Mortensen via phone, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Terrence Moore, and Eric Allen via satellite. There was no fictitious press conference to be found, but I fell asleep midway through.


Was there any actual news to report? They didn't say if they found anything, or if any charges will be filed against Vick (the word "unlikely" isn't exactly as concrete as Byron Leftwich's feet), or if they have a new lead on the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa. It seems to me that if this is the only notable NFL news of the day, then why even have an episode of NFL Live? It's July. Mention it on SportsCenter briefly, maybe bring in one analyst, but don't take up too much time, lest it cut into passionate debate over which athlete is the most "Now."

Also, for those in search of a quality racial flamewar over Vick, there's one a-brewin' over at Nation of Islam Sportsblog. I feel unqualified to partake in the smoking hot debate, but if you know something about race, and must have your opinion heard, that seems like the place to go.


Michael Vick: The Lynching Continues [Nation of Islam Sportsblog]

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