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Did You Know Adam Silver Is Pals With Jared Kushner?

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BuzzFeed’s Steven Perlberg wrote a thorough story today about official White House mascot Jared Kushner personally ordering a software developer at the New York Observer—which he owned for years after receiving it as a “graduation present” from his father, a convicted criminal—to delete potentially negative articles about his rich and powerful friends. One of those pals is, uh, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and Perlberg reports that Kushner deleted a 2012 article about Silver buying a $6.75 million apartment in a fancy New York building.


I did not see that one coming! Silver has received mountains of praise for his handling of the Donald Sterling saga and his support for social issues, and yet he’s also friends with Kushner, a ghoulish third grader wearing his first big boy suit who quite literally works for Donald Trump. Perlberg points to a 2016 New Yorker article in which Silver expands on his friendship with Kushner:

Jared, who has a more stilted bearing, is a listener and a helper-outer: he volunteers to officiate at weddings—he’s done two—and performs pro-bono real-estate work for his friends. Adam Silver, the N.B.A. commissioner, told me that, when the league was looking for a space for its retail store, “Jared was our unofficial, unpaid adviser.”


He’s a normal guy who loves those famous Mets hot dogs:

Until recently, Jared and Ivanka’s friends tended to gush about how “normal” they are. Adam Silver told me, of Kushner, “We’ve been to many sporting events together, not just N.B.A. events. We’ve been to Mets games together. We took the subway. He really raves about the hot dogs.”

Rich people are weird as hell, man.

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