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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Diego Maradona Got Into A Fight With U.A.E.-League Fans, Allegedly Over His Girlfriend

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has been off the international radar somewhat since accepting the manager position of Al Wasl FC in the U.A.E. football league last year. Al Wasl hasn't done a whole lot under his leadership, either—they currently sit in sixth place in the 12-team league.


That isn't to say things haven't been interesting, though. Maradona's goalkeeper was suspended 17 days for slapping an opposing manager, and then there's what happened during yesterday's match at Al Shabab, the league's second-place team.

While media reports differ (as does the YouTube description of the video above), the AP reports Maradona was restrained by stadium security after going into the stands after the match, angered by insults and threats targeting the wives and girlfriends of his players. (Maradona's own girlfriend is alleged to have suffered some of the heckling.)


The video doesn't show much more than a tubby Maradona shoving a few people, but it somewhat represents the struggle he's fought since arriving in the Arab country, especially over the tight budget for players Al Wasl ownership has maintained—something that led Maradona to threaten his resignation a month ago.

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