So here we are at 3:00. LSU is beginning to pull away from Tulane, but still is too long away from a 40-point win. Michigan is coming back against Northwestern, Duke (!) has narrowed the Miami lead to three, and even though Notre Dame is on the board, you Deadspin readers might as well be the Purdue offense, because you're lightin' them up to no end. So let's delve more into Charlie Weis fat jokes and awkward Tulane/hurricane references as Hugh II: And The Nedyssey Continues...

Within 2 minutes Pam Ward compared New Orleans to Malibu because Tulane and Pepperdine are both the Waves and called a kickoff a punt. She is a tour de force! — Awful Announcing

If you just look at the attendance at today's game, Michigan is clearly playing it's fifth straight home game. — Yostal (live from NU)

Charlie Weis looks like he's foaming at the mouth... I don't think Michael Scott's Rabies Awareness Fun Run worked. Wait, that wasn't foam, that was powdered sugar. My bad. — Grimey

Yeah so much for that LSU as a werewolf with a chainsaw for a dick comparison. Tulane's puppy with scissors for a dick is giving them all they can handle today. - — I Heart Poop


Tulane's cheerleaders are so fugly, even Pam Ward has shrinkage — liquidwisdom33

Damn, the Florida game doesn't start 'til 8 and I gotta wait for my roommate to wake up before we can tailgate at the UCF game. What the hell can I do to kill the time? Oh wait, drink. — TattooedMess(iah)

Banner in the endzone of the ND-Purdue game: "Rudy could start on this year's ND defense" — Herbie's Wingman


Some smartass at ESPN is calling the Belichick coaching tree (including Weis) "The Billy Club." I much prefer "The Hobo's Shopping Cart." — Signal to Noise

Clausen's ass hasnt hurt that bad since his "recruiting visit" with brady Quinn — vegetabledud

Notre Dame is clearly tanking so they can get the top spot in the H.S. draft. — Slothrop


I love how ESPN is celebrating the fact Notre Dame scored a touchdown, even though it's something a labotomized team of geriatrics can do more frequently. — Jeff, Colorado

I didn't even bother to send this in earlier while watching Gameda,y because I figured many already had. But no where do I see the "Lou Holtz for Prethident" sign from Oregon mentioned! Cmon Deadspinners, everyone is trying to hit the fall away off hand J, but remember: lay-ups score too. Oh dear, now I've mickthed my thporth metaphorth in a Holtz post. — Deep South Deadspinner

Anyone have pictorial evidence? Until we get one, he're's visual evidence of what we already knew about West Virginia, from last night's game against South Florida:


One! More! Update! Get 'em into me by 4:00 p.m. Actually, better make that 3:50. Because you're drunk and forgot, the IM screenname is "NCAA Deadspin."